Tifoscore Overview

Tifoscore is a platform that measures fan performance. Football fans from all over the world are able to vote on fan videos to determine which club has the best fans. The competition runs parallel with real games being played and points are awarded to clubs with the most votes.

Ranking tables allow fans to see which club has the best fans, this from over 2000 clubs in over 120 leagues all around the world.

Our ultimate goal is to make the fan performance measurement as accurate as possible so it will be clear once and for all which countries and leagues have the best Football Fans / Ultras!

After signing up, You can either vote directly in the channel of your favourite club or in the competition tab.
All you need to do is click the vote button:

Ultra-Score determines your status on the Tifoscore platform. The higher the Ultra-Score, the more points your votes will get for club’s fans.
We have 3 levels of members:

  • Fans : Ultra-Score of 1 - 9
  • Ultras : Ultra-Score of 10 - 20
  • Super Ultra : Ultra-Score of 100

Your Ultra-Score determines how many points your votes will give to clubs.

  • Vote On Games : Head over to the competition tab and vote on football fans from all over the world. For every 10 times you vote your Ultra-Score will increase with 1 point.
  • Become A Super-Ultra : You can become a lifelong Super-Ultra, which will give you a permanent Ultra-Score of 100. Become a Super-Ultra HERE.

The number of votes is reset once a week. So you are required to vote on games weekly in order to maintain your Ultra-Score.

Super-Ultras should vote on games as they are able to award 100 points for fans. They are not required though to vote in order to maintain their Ultra-Score of 100 as this is permanent.

  • Fans: Number of fans of clubs with Ultra-Score of 1-19
  • Ultras: Number of fans with Ultra-Score of 20
  • Super-Ultras: Number of fans with Ultra-Score of 100
  • Attendance: Number of videos watched during the fan competition
  • Cheers: Number of comments made on videos
  • Respect: Number of votes on videos of clubs in competition
  • Points: Total points of games won by club in the fan competition (3 for win, 1 for draw, 0 for loss). Points are the metric to determine the ranking, just as in the real league.

The videos with most views are used for the upcoming game. After the video has been used, the number of views is reset to 0.

All you need to do is copy and paste the video link from Youtube in the share video page and click “Fetch Video” like this:

  • Fan videos: Only shows videos of football fans / Ultras in action
  • General videos: Shows match reviews, interviews, analysis or anything else related to the club
  • Exclusive Videos: Videos that will only appear on Tifoscore and not Youtube or other video sharing sites.

You can only share videos in the channel of the club you chose during registration! Please don’t share videos of other clubs.

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